Selling Your Home During COVID-19


What’s the SMART question home sellers keep asking me, and why is my answer often a pleasant surprise?

Hi, this is Eva Lin, Broker-Owner at Lin Realty Group here in Pasadena.

Every week, I speak with several prospective home sellers. Some are…

➡️ Downsizing from large homes and moving to the beach.

➡️ Pulling up stakes and leaving California altogether.

➡️ Simply moving up to a bigger home.

How Can You Sell for the Highest Price?

Regardless of the motivation, most of the families I speak with have the same concern:

How can we sell for the highest price possible while being cautious about our health and safety? This is a fantastic question! Here’s the good news — You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. I can tell you this from firsthand experience because I’ve already helped dozens of families safely and profitably sell their homes in this COVID-era.

📈 First, let’s talk about what it takes to make sure your home sells for the maximum value. Just because we’re in a seller’s market doesn’t mean your home’s guaranteed to sell at a great price. In fact, it’s not even guaranteed to sell at all.

Just 10 days ago I had a wonderful couple reach out to me with a sense of urgency. Their elegant luxury condo on Pasadena’s “Millionaire’s Row” sat on the market for 4 months with a different agent.

😟 In that time, it never received a single offer.

When I analyzed the condo and how it was marketed, I could see several issues:

-The listing price was too high and was repelling buyers

-The home wasn’t professionally staged

-The copywriting was uninspired and dry

-Worst of all, there was NO video marketing, which is critical for a luxury condo like this.

Within a week, my team and I had the condo:

✅ Touched up by our handyman

✅ Professionally staged &re-photographed

✅ AND we created a video where I walk through the home pointing out all the incredible benefits it has to offer, including its private elevator.

Video Can Be a Powerful Tool

This kind of hosted video is so powerful in today’s market and here’s why:

Traditional open houses aren’t an option anymore and buyers can’t fully appreciate how special a home is just by looking at photos or a 3D tour. For the full marketing package, including the video, you can visit

I put the home back on the market a few days ago. Since then I’ve been receiving a flurry of requests for in-person tours. Now it’s just a matter of time before my new clients enjoy the result they were hoping for all along. Expert positioning and marketing of your home is only one piece of the puzzle though.

The other critical piece is powerful negotiating. Last week I put a home on the market in Arcadia on Cloverly Avenue. My clients had an aggressive number in mind for how much they wanted their home to sell for. Great marketing resulted in 16 offers but powerful negotiating is what led to an all-cash offer at well over $100K above their asking price. Next week, they’ll close escrow at a price they didn’t even think was possible. That wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t know how to apply highly advanced negotiating tactics.

World Class Real Estate Negotiator

The scary truth is 9 out of 10 agents fumble their way through negotiations. They simply don’t sell enough homes to hone their skills in a meaningful way that nets their clients more money. If you’re interviewing agents, a fantastic question to ask is this:

“Would you call yourself a world-class negotiator?”

If they say no, then you might consider ending the interview right then. Financially, there’s too much on the line. If they say yes, then ask them to tell you why. Within 20 seconds you’ll know if they’re qualified to negotiate on your million or multimillion-dollar home sale.

How To Sell Safely

So, the right marketing AND negotiating strategies produce the best sales price, but how do you sell safely? I completely understand the concerns here. Fortunately, I’ve been able to help my clients stay safe through a number of different approaches. Some of my clients have opted to move out of their home before putting it up for sale. What’s more, they’ve met with me exclusively through video calls. My support team has coordinated all the prep work needed on their home and all documents have been signed electronically. This means they’ve enjoyed an entirely virtual home selling experience! Other clients need to continue living in their home while it’s up for sale.

When that’s the case, we pre-screen buyers in two ways.

First, they sign a COVID form.

Second, they demonstrate their financial ability to purchase the home before they can see it.

We’ve also used additional measures like:

-temperature checking

-requiring gloves and booties in addition to masks

-limiting the number of people who can enter the house.

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If you’re interested in selling your home this year, you can rest assured knowing there are ways to do so safely.  If you’d like to discuss how to enjoy the best results on your upcoming home sale…

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