The “Big” Brokerage Myth

Do you need to hire a Realtor from a BIG-name brokerage to get the best results?…

…today I’m sharing a secret that most Realtors would prefer you didn’t know.

But first I’ll tell you a quick story about my clients Paula & Gary to really drive the point home.

A while back I noticed a beautiful, multi-million dollar home in La Cañada that sat on the market for over 7 months.

When it was finally taken off the market, unsold, I called the owners to find out what went wrong.

The owners, Paula & Gary, were really sweet people, but they were frustrated and confused.

They didn’t know what went wrong because they hired an agent who was from one of the biggest brokerages around.

They figured the sale would be quick and easy, which would have been great because they were itching to move into their beach house.

BUT, seven months, later the home still wasn’t sold.

What’s even worse is they never received a single offer.

When I met with Paula & Gary to offer my advice for actually getting their home sold, they were interested but also reluctant.

They still felt it was important to hire an agent from a big name brokerage, and this is when I shared the secret with them…

The strength of an agent’s skillset is everything.

As far the brokerage they’re affiliated with goes…

…well, that really has no influence on whether an agent delivers outstanding, mediocre, or terrible results for their clients.

I know this from personal experience.

Before starting my own boutique brokerage, I was part of the largest real estate company in the US—Keller Williams.

In fact, I was the #20 ranked agent in the entire nation, out of over 150,000+ other Keller Williams agents.

At the end of 2019 I decided to leave and establish my own boutique brokerage.

The results of this decision have proved phenomenal!

In 2020, I helped my clients buy and sell more real estate than any year prior, over $50M worth, all while earning five star reviews for my team’s incredible level of service.

As it turns out, Paula & Gary were among those clients.

I completely overhauled the marketing, positioning, and pricing of their home and helped them sell it with multiple offers in just 21 days.

They were thrilled with the outcome and I’m so glad they decided to place their trust in me, even though I was no longer part of a giant brokerage.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the agent.

How advanced is their marketing savvy?

How skilled are they in the art of negotiation?

And how proactive is their approach to client service?

These are the factors that determine client outcomes, not the brokerage the agent happens to be affiliated with.

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