Why Work With Us


Why Work With Us


Don’t get stuck with average results.

Home sellers leave money on the table every day. They hire an average neighborhood agent, their home sits on the market for longer than it should, and finally sells for less than it could, if it sells at all. Compare our results with those of the average local agent.

  • Our Average Sales Price / Asking Price

    On average, local agents sell homes for only 99.4% of asking price. We sell for far more. An extra 4.5% on a $1.5m home is $67,500!

  • Our Average Days to Sell

    On average, local agents take 40.8 days to sell a home. We sell much faster. A faster sale almost always yields a higher price.

  • Total Homes We Sell per Year

    Most agents sell < 8 homes per year. Because we sell nearly 1 home per week, we're far more in tune with the market, our negotiating skills are sharper, and our strategies are more effective.

  • Active Buyers in Our Database

    We've accumulated a huge database of active buyers to market your home to. More Buyers = More Demand For Your Home = A Higher Sales Price.

Sell A Home

Performance statistics based on data from MLS for the 12 month period September 2018 through August 2019

"Many agents will promise to do a great job for you. I guarantee it." - Eva Lin

I Guarantee To Sell Your Home for 100% of Asking Price, Or I Will Pay You the Difference

  • Few agents would dare offer such a bold guarantee, but given my track record of top dollar sales I'm fully confident in my ability to deliver the best results for my home selling clients

  • Some sensible conditions apply

  • For additional details, download a copy of my "100% of Asking Price Guaranteed" overview report or call me at 626.807.6581


Love The New Home I Help You Purchase, Or I Will Sell It For Free!

  • Feel confident knowing that my goal is for you to love your new home for many years to come!

  • If within the first 18 months of purchase you decide you are unsatisfied with your home, I will sell it for free if I can't get you your asking price

  • Some sensible conditions apply

  • For additional details, download a copy of my "Love Your Home or I'll Sell It for Free" overview report or call me at 626-807-6581

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The Team Concept

Think of your favorite 5-star hotel, restaurant, or luxury spa. When you visit, you’re treated like royalty, your needs are anticipated, and amazing results are delivered. Undoubtedly, there is a passionate, high-performing team working hard to create this magical experience for you.
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Oddly, most real estate agents operate alone, personally managing nearly every part of their real estate transactions. It’s difficult to imagine finding excellent service and delicious food at a restaurant where the chef parks your car, takes your order, cooks your meal, and also washes your dishes!
Here at Lin Realty Group, we leverage a team model. Each member of our team has a specific role and brings a unique skill set to their position. This enables us to provide both superior results and a superior client service experience.
So, take a breath, relax, and know that our team is here to offer the best possible care for you and your family during your real estate journey!

Eva Lin

Broker - Owner

Joe Rock

Managing Partner

Angel Chao

Licensed Director of Client Care

Carlen Colmenares

WOW! Coordinator

Vincent Benoist

Team Concierge

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